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The Amy

The Amy premade To-Go Box is inspired by our Circulation Clerk, Amy.
This box is perfect for anyone who enjoys the following:

Hobbies and Interests:

Reading, traveling, white-water rafting, cooking, trying to raise children to become functional & law-abiding adults, a wanna-be Marie Kondo organizer, and someone who is aspiring to be a better human.


Romance, Mystery, interesting Non-fiction and anything that sparks my fancy within 30 pages of starting the book.


• There are so many great authors, JK Rowling is classic. Nora Roberts and Tom Clancy can bust out books at a lightening pace, yet they continue to spark my interest. Good Classic Author?? Jane Austin.
• I read a wide variety of books, but there are some that have resonated with me as of late. These are: Twilight of Democracy, How the South Won the Civil War and Potty Training in Three Days. Some favorites that I read every year are: Cover of Night, Pride and Prejudice, Montana Sky and one of the Harry Potter novels.

If you would like to receive this To-Go Box, fill out the form below and Amy will get to work on assembling it for you!

Please allow our staff 5-7 days to assemble your To-Go Box